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Balloons command your attention and printed balloons are one of the most effective vehicles for getting your message across – and that’s why they are so popular!

There isn’t a better way to display your message than on a printed balloon…

Our balloons are:

  • Available in over 67 Colours with 5 finishes to choose from
  • Highest professional helium quality
  • Decorator’s choice for reliability
  • 100% Australian owned and printed
  • 100% biodegradable natural latex
  • Custom Printed Balloons Benefits:
  • Small print runs
  • Fast turn around
  • You can print up to 4 colours
  • Print logo’s, messages, stipple photos on 30cm, 40cm rounds,

Custom Printed balloons provide the ideal way to reinforce your messages and are perfect for all types of promotion, decorating and displays. We print on superior quality balloons using a silk screen printing process which gives a solid colour print and high definition, ensuring that your logo and message are reproduced at the highest possible quality.

The quality of the printed image is highly dependent on the quality of the artwork supplied. For best results we require artworks sized to 140mm at minimum of 300dpi and preferred artwork to be sent via email. If you require us to prepare artwork for you, please be aware that an artwork charge may apply. After production all artwork and film (translucent material) will be stored for repeat orders. Please see the Art Specifications for more information on artwork requirements.

Artwork Format and Requirements

The quality of the printed image is highly dependent on the quality of the artwork provided.

For best results please provide artwork in the following;

  • Artwork must be sized to fit within a 140mm diameter circle, at minimum of 300dpi to 600dpi.
  • .eps file format is preferred however .PDF, .CDR, .EPS, .AI, .JPG and .TIFF files are acceptable.
  • All artwork should be created as a vector graphic
  • All electronic artwork must be provided in PC format
  • Artwork should be sent via email.
  • Multi-colour artwork must have a minimum of 3 – 5mm gap between ink colours to allow for movement during the printing process. (Artwork that does not comply will be adjusted to accordantly)

Why is correct art so important when choosing Multi-Colour Screen Printing?

All art must have a 3-5mm gap between ink colours when multi-colour screen printing, this is due to movement that occurs between each ink colour printing. The balloons are inflated when printing, it prints the first colour and moves to another position to print the second colour – due to the movement that occurs when changing positions this second colour may move up , down, left or right of up to 5mm. This will cause gapping and/or overlapping when it is not required.

We also provide helium, balloon clips and ribbons both joined and separate, cups and sticks and air inflators.

If you prefer we can inflate the balloons for you and deliver or inflate them onsite.